Strengthen Your Standing

Establish, repair, and improve your credit score by making on-time monthly payments.


Build credit, improve your score, improve your life

Lay the groundwork today for a more rewarding future

If your credit score is low, or even nonexistent, it's difficult to qualify for a loan with a good rate. Turn to our Credit Builder Loan to establish yourself as a responsible borrower. As your credit score improves, your opportunities increase.

Keep this in mind:

The amount you borrow remains in your savings account until you pay off the loan in full. Once you do, the funds are yours! But it all starts with establishing a pattern of on-time monthly payments. It's the perfect solution for young borrowers and those who need a fresh start.

  • Choose your loan amount - $600 or $1,200
  • Enjoy a low, fixed-rate of 3.1% APR*
  • Make twelve on-time payments to repay your Credit Builder Loan
  • Build your credit history and savings with each payment
  • Once the loan is paid in full, the funds are yours

When you need to stand on more solid financial ground, take this first step. You'll continue to build your credit history and qualify for better rates in the future when planning for homeownership or a new vehicle. 



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*APR=Annual Percentage Rate.

The Credit Builder loan holds the amount borrowed in a share account that has a hold on the loan proceeds. Member makes regular monthly payments, and once the amount borrowed is paid back in full, the hold on the loan proceeds is released and the member has access to the funds. Loan Interest Rate: Our share account dividend rate plus 3% margin. 

Savings interest rate on proceeds: Savings rate is the current standard share savings account rate. Loan amounts can be either $600 or $1200. Loan Term is 12 months. Your credit report will be pulled. A credit score is not required. There is no maximum or minimum bankruptcy score. No active bankruptcy or prior loss to FPCU must exist. Must be current on all active FPCU loans. Derogatory credit other than the loss to FPCU is not a factor in the loan decision. If a member goes 45 days past due, the funds in the share account are liquidated to pay the balance. The member’s credit report will show the 30 days past due record and the account will be reported as paid/closed. An FPCU Membership is required to qualify for this loan.

Payment samples: a $600 Credit Builder loan with a 12-month term, at 3.10 APR, results in 12 monthly payments of $50.84. A $1,200 Credit Builder loan with a 12-month term, at 3.10% APR, results in 12 monthly payments of $101.69. Loans subject to borrower qualification; not all applicants will be approved. Rates as of 2/11/2021, and are subject to change at any time without notice. Conditions, restrictions, and terms may apply.