Online Loan Payments
Make your FPCU loan payments with funds from other financial institutions

Make Payments in Digital Banking

with External Transfers

Making an FPCU loan payment with funds from another financial institution? Just use the External Transfer feature in Digital Banking!

Making your payment is easy and you'll avoid extra fees.

  1. Login to Digital Banking.
  2. Choose "Transfers" on the left and click on the "Classic Tab".
  3. If you already have an external account set up, just select it as your "from" account and then select your loan as the "to" account. Go to the "Classic Transfers"
  4. If you don't already have an External Account set up, simply click on the "Add an External Account" link to get started.

You can even set up recurring payments!

Haven't set up another financial institution? It's easy. Just click "Add External Account" and add in the info of your other account! (We'll send you two small deposits and withdrawals for verification purposes.)

Save money and time with External Transfers in Online Banking today!

Another Option: EZPay

Looking to make your payment right away, but haven't set it up yet in Online Banking? You can use the eZpay service. (Please note: a fee applies when using EZPay.)

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