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Save Time with Direct Deposit

Why deposit a check when you can receive your funds electronically?

Direct Deposit is the convenient way to have your paycheck, retirement check, or government check deposited automatically. And, when you send Direct Deposit to a Financial Partners account, your money is usually available at least one day earlier than if you receive a check or have funds deposited elsewhere!

Plus, Direct Deposit is convenient and need to worry about checks getting lost or stolen, or finding the time to make a deposit in person.

It’s easy to get started!

You'll need a voided check (if you're sending the funds to your checking account) or your Financial Partners account number and suffix (if you're sending the funds to savings). You'll also need Financial Partners' Routing Number (sometimes called an ABA Number): 322275157

For paychecks, speak to your company's HR or payroll representative. For Social Security, VA or other federal benefits, visit the GoDirect website or call 800.333.1795.

Start Direct Deposit to Financial Partners, and get your money earlier and more conveniently! If you have any questions about Direct Deposit, give us a call at 800.950.7328.

Save time on payday—start Direct Deposit to your Financial Partners account!