Better Banking
Without all the fees!

EZ Card

Hassle-free Money Management

Whether you are just starting out or simply want the peace of mind of no overdraft fees, this is the account for you!

Think of it as a “checkless” checking account! Use the EZ Card account for everyday purchases, to pay bills, or to get cash.

BankOn Certificatied 2021 - 2022

  • Sign-up for eStatements, not only for the environment but to avoid the $2 paper statement fee
  • Make deposits using our Mobile App, at ATMs, or in FPCU Branches
  • Get paid up to 2 days earlier when you sign up for Direct Deposit or a recurring government benefit!*
  • No overdraft fees ever! This account is designed to make it nearly impossible to overdraw!

Certified Low-Cost Account

Financial Partners has been certified by Bank On for meeting the National Account Standards as a low-cost, low-fee account.


The EZ Card is just the beginning! 

  • Build or improve your credit by borrowing a small amount ($600 or $1200), with a Credit Builder Loan. Just make on-time payments each month and build credit history! At the end of 12 months, the money is yours! A Credit Builder is a good step toward better credit bigger purchases or useful to have, in case of an emergency.
  • Enjoy the purchasing power of a credit card while building credit! With a Savings Secured Mastercard, money is on hold in your savings account as your limit. Use Savings Secured Mastercard like any other credit card up to your limit, make payments, and build credit!
  • Get Financially Fit. Whether you want to build credit or improve it, these free, engaging online modules make exploring even the most complex financial topics simple.
  • Get a free financial review. We’ll help you build a plan to reduce debt, improve your credit score, and save money!


Regular Share Savings Account with a $5 minimum balance is required.




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*Faster access compared to standard payday electronic deposit and subject to your employer submitting payroll information prior to payday. Your employer may not submit payroll information early. Direct Deposit changes may take up to 1-2 pay periods to take effect.

The Credit Builder loan holds the amount borrowed in a share account that has a hold on the loan proceeds. Member makes regular monthly payments, and once the amount borrowed is paid back in full, the hold on the loan proceeds is released and the member has access to the funds. Loan Interest Rate: 1 year Treasury rate plus 3% margin. Savings interest rate on proceeds: Savings rate is the current standard share savings account rate. Loan amounts can be either $600 or $1200. Loan Term is 12 months. Your credit will be pulled. A FICO score is not required. There is no maximum bankruptcy score. No active bankruptcy or prior loss to FPCU must exist. Must be current on all active FPCU loans. Minimum $1,000 per month gross monthly income, with proof of income required. 50% maximum debt-to-income ratio. Derogatory credit other than loss to FPCU is not a factor in the loan decision. If a member goes 45 days past due, the funds in the share account are liquidated to pay the balance. The member’s credit report will show the 30 day past due record and the account will be reported as paid/closed. An FPCU Membership is required to qualify for this loan.

Savings Secured Mastercard subject to credit approval. Rates are variable and may change. Balance transfer fee of 3% or $10 (whichever is greater) applies. Balance transfers not available for current Financial Partners credit card or loan balances. Conditions, restrictions, and terms may apply.